Soul of adventure

Respo Mini-Caravan is a portable and all-inclusive talented companion.

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Always ready

Respo Mini-Caravan is always ready for You! Those weekend mornings when You decide to go for an adventure on the islands. Those summer nights when You miss your favorite forest lake. Those exciting days when open-air festivals, concerts and rally de Portugal await You. Your love. Your adventure.

All those moments are just a coupling hook away when You have a Respo Mini-Caravan. You have designed it according to Your needs. Comfortable sleeping arrangements for You and Your family. A cozy work area for Your computer to occasionally check on Your business or keep an eye on latest news. It is Your vacation based on Your needs! And then there is that dim summer night, that rocks You to sleep with the grasshoppers’ melodies ..

Advantages of Respo Mini-Caravan

  • Weatherproof, dry and warm every season
  • Economical aerodynamics
  • Light weight and easy to maneuver
  • Transportable with B category licence
  • Spacious storage areas
  • Large rear door allows versatile use
  • Quickly ready to go, without spending time on tent packing
  • 4 different models to find the right one for you
  • Plenty of accessories

Mini-Caravans and accessories

You can order accessories to Your Respo Mini-Caravan according to Your needs. Kitchenettes, refrigerators, heating appliances, lighting, work surfaces, storage, shelves, electric systems and solar panels. Transform Your Caravan into a unique companion that you never get tired of.

2.35 x 1.41m
Product code: F241L147
2.90 x 1.41m
Product code: F301T147
2.90 x 1.87m
Product code: F301T190
2.90 x 1.41m
Product code: F301S147