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Caravan 2.4
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Caravan 3.0
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From 7430 €

Mini-Caravan 2.4

Mini-Caravan 2.4 is available in two versions:

Gross weight 750kg – without brakes
Gross weight 800kg – with brakes

A compact, innovative “squaredrop” design with smart solutions for a new generation of hobbyists. Aerodynamic and manageable. Can be transported with almost any vehicle, from a small hatchback to a truck. Mini-Caravan gives you the opportunity to realize your dream of independence and comfort. Hook it with a playful lightness and start your adventure. The choice of accessories allows you to buy not just a trailer but a window to the world.

Standard equipment

  • 750kg without brakes version
  • Jockey wheel + clamp, solid wheel
  • Carpeted floor
  • Weatherproof EPS thermal insulation fiberglass laminated bodypanels
  • LED indoor lighting (battery power)
  • Waterproof front LED lights
  • Waterproof LED rear lights
  • Four support legs in the corners
  • Plastic mud covers
  • Window with blinds and mosquito net (left)
  • Sunroof with blinds and mosquito net
  • Lockable rear door  1195×1020 mm
  • Lockable side door 900×750 mm
  • Under floor storage box
  • Shelf (Front wall)
  • Air vents
  • Wheels with M+S tires

Technical parameters

  • Internal dimensions: 2.35 x 1.41 m
  • Internal height: 1.29 m
  • External dimensions: 3.77 x 1.90 m
  • Total height: 1.92 m
  • Gross weight: 750 kg without brakes / 800 kg with brakes
  • Unladen weight: 377 kg without brakes / 392 kg with brakes
  • Payload: 373 kg without brakes / 408 kg with brakes
  • Tires: 155R13
  • Axle type: Torsion
  • Frame: Hot-dip galvanized sheet metal frame
  • Floor: Waterproof plywood
  • Wall and roof panels: Weatherproof XPS thermally insulated fiberglass laminate

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Exterior Accessories

800kg brake set for caravan 2.4 16215 440.00 
Worktop 16211 74.00 
Awning (black) 17499-MO 670.00 
Hiking table and chairs 16185 132.00 
Storage box (small) 14660-V 320.00 
Storage box 14987-V 385.00 
Solar panel system 14468 408.00 
Roof racks (black) 16355-M/16444-M 171.00 
Sunroof with fan 19193-MO 446.00 
Extra window 13463-MO 648.00 
Roof basket 16919 639.00 
Design stickers "Respo" 1 336.00 
Design stickers grey "mountains" 2 336.00 
Design stickers black "mountains" 3 336.00 
Shock absorber set 17481 122.00 
Wheels for 750-800kg caravan 14803-2x 147.00 
Adapter 13pin to 7pin 96 14.00 
Coupling lock 11558 27.00 
Soft Dock for coupling 8013 9.00 
Resistor for LED lights 10446 51.00 

Interior accessories

Worktop 16211-S 93.00 
Portable kitchen 17872 751.00 
Kids bed 17770 310.00 
Mattress for kids bed 18207 92.00 
Diesel heating system 18165 470.00 
Electric system 14512 592.00 
Mobile shower 13895 130.00 
Refrigerator 21L 13455 349.00 
Net pocket 13550-MO 57.00 

Mini-Caravans and accessories

You can order accessories to Your Respo Mini-Caravan according to Your needs. Kitchenettes, refrigerators, heating appliances, lighting, work surfaces, storage, shelves, electric systems and solar panels. Transform Your Caravan into a unique companion that you never get tired of.

2.35 x 1.41m
Product code: F241L147
2.90 x 1.41m
Product code: F301T147
2.90 x 1.87m
Product code: F301T190
2.90 x 1.41m
Product code: F301S147