A good travel companion is one who agrees with you. The Respo Mini-Caravan stays firm and economical in your wind and does not remind you of driving at any time. You feel it is there for you whenever you arrive. Companion like this makes everything easier. Effortless. Romantic. Effective.

With the Mini-Caravan you can even stay on the waterfront, where you would never take your other four-wheelers. Just unhook and pick a suitable place. A mild companion. In every sense.


The Mini-Caravan doesn’t ask for seasons because it’s not a tent. You get it warm and cozy, easier than you imagine. Whether you are on ski marathon trails or on the islands in autumn surfing, or enjoying the summer nights by the campfire. Respo Mini-Caravan has no complaints and adapts to all of your wishes.

It fits everywhere and creates magical moments wherever you go. And then there comes a point, when you just sit and look at Your Mini-Caravan and can’t help but wonder: ’’ Where have you been all my life?’’. True freedom. Pure joy.


Respo Mini-Caravan is designed to last. It will create countless beautiful memories of fun adventures for You and Your loved ones. And it is safe to say that even Your kids will be able to take their own children out for adventures one day with the same Mini-Caravan. That is how durable a Respo Mini-Caravan can be when it’s well taken care of.

Mini-Caravans and accessories

You can order accessories to Your Respo Mini-Caravan according to Your needs. Kitchenettes, refrigerators, heating appliances, lighting, work surfaces, storage, shelves, electric systems and solar panels. Transform Your Caravan into a unique companion that you never get tired of.

2.35 x 1.41m
Product code: F241L147
2.90 x 1.41m
Product code: F301T147
2.90 x 1.87m
Product code: F301T190
2.90 x 1.41m
Product code: F301S147